What are Working Groups?

The AUC Data Science Working Groups are made up of AUC faculty and staff to aid in elevating data science research, scholarship, and teaching at the AUC member institutions. The Working Groups are designed to facilitate AUC-wide collaborations to increase data science knowledge, awareness, and best practices.

AUC Spring 2021 Working Groups

Data Science Minor Working Group 

About: The aim is to solidify the framework for the data science minor, work collaboratively with stakeholders across the AUC, and develop a data science minor proposal at each AUC undergraduate degree-granting institution with the expectation that the minor will launch in the Fall of 2021.

Members include: Paul Brown (Clark Atlanta University), Eric Mintz (Clark Atlanta University), Sandra Rucker (Clark Atlanta University), Justin de la Cruz (Library), Derrick Bryan (Morehouse College), Keith Hollingsworth (Morehouse College), Alfred Watkins (Morehouse College), Peter Baltrus (Morehouse School of Medicine), Yonas Tekle (Spelman College), Jerry Volcy (Spelman College), and Unislawa Williams (Spelman College).


Pre-Freshman Experience (PFx) Working Group 

About: The aim is to develop an immersive, interactive summer program for incoming AUC first-year students to provide the opportunity to explore applications of data science and a variety of career opportunities.

Members include: Kinnis Gosha (Morehouse College), Marionette Holmes (Spelman College), Angelita Howard (Morehouse School of Medicine), and Eric Mintz (Clark Atlanta University).


Data Science for Social Justice Graduate Course Working Group 

About: The aim is to develop a graduate course that will focus on incorporating data science in social work and education courses to be implemented as a pilot course in the fall of 2021.

Members include: Shonda Lawrence (Clark Atlanta University), Johnnie Turner (Clark Atlanta University), Daniel Teodorescu (Clark Atlanta University), Youseung Kim (Clark Atlanta University) and Cameron Randle (Grad Fellow).


Faculty Engagement Working Group 

About: The Faculty Engagement Working Group will facilitate the participation of AUC faculty and staff in data science research and best practices of data science education. In collaboration with the AUC Data Science Initiative, Faculty Engagement Working Group will coordinate a faculty seminar, be a steering committee for a spring data science symposium, provide a ‘spotlight on an AUC faculty and staff’ for the Newsletter, and gather information on AUC faculty and staff engaged in data science scholarship. 

Members include: Guanyu Huang (Spelman College), Rosetta Ross (Spelman College), Kenya Jones (Clark Atlanta University).