Code of Conduct

Atlanta University Center Virtual Computer Lab (AUC VCL) Code of Conduct

Use of the AUC VCL is a privilege, and by logging into the system you acknowledge the tenets of the code of conduct listed below:

• You may not use the VCL for business purposes unrelated to the AUC
• You may not use the VCL for entertainment purposes
• You may not allow anyone other than yourself to use your account
• Your account will be closed when your affiliation with the AUC ends
• You may not use the VCL to download, run or distribute pirated software, music, videos or any other media to which you do not own a proper license
• “Hacking” the system in any way is strictly prohibited
• Any activity designed to disrupt the operations of the VCL is prohibited
• Violations of these terms may result in immediate termination of VCL access